Thank a Nurse VH Southeastern Michigan

Thank a Nurse

All it takes is a word, nurse. From that we picture many different places, because a nurse has so many roles they play. They take our vital signs, write reports, support physicians, talk with our families, answer questions, and in every way, take care of us.

They are someone with talent, a calling. Someone who cares.

You can find nurses everywhere, from hospitals to schools, and from nursing homes to a doctor’s office. Through all of this, one thing is sure ... they are with us. And that is what we remember.

We thank them for their love, dedication, willingness to help, constant ability to work under pressure, and their skill. We are honored that there are heroes among us.

If you would like to thank a Vibra nurse submit the form below with your comments. Even if you don't know his or her name; we'll do our best to take your note to the nurse, and we'll make sure to inform his or her manager and peers.