Thank You Vibra Healthcare VH Southeastern Michigan

Thank You Vibra Healthcare

Patient Thank You Letters

February 27, 2013
Vibra Healthcare
Board of Directors
4550 Lena Drive
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Dear Directors,
It’s been a little better than a month now since my father made his final transition. Since May of 2012 he spent considerable amount of time at your Vibra Hospital in Lincoln Park, Mi. As we work hard to reconcile such a tremendous loss in our family, some days are better than others as we deal with our emotions struggling to move forward. To that end, thinking about our total experience at your Vibra facility I just felt the need on behalf of my mother, myself and my entire family to express our sincere thanks for the care my father received at your wonderful facility as well as your exceptional staff.
I want to start with the very talented group of people serving here who touched my dad’s life and our hearts in so many ways.
Thanks to the housekeeping staff who spoke kind words, gave friendly smiles when nothing else could be said and were quick to get a chair when we came to the hospital to visit and needed additional seating.
Thanks to the nurses who gave us plain and understandable answers to our questions, calmed our fears of hospital policies and procedures and gave us the privacy in times when we needed it most.
Thanks to the Dialysis nurse who took the time to explain the machine, how it worked and the complete process.
We sincerely thank the two doctors who followed dad back and forth from acute care in other facilities to your sub acute care facility providing constant, capable, and competent care for him in as many months.
We thank the administrative staff person so much for stopping us as we were coming in to your facility during the Christmas season and insisting my mother and I attend a Christmas celebration they were having. After such a stressful week dealing with the fact that my dad appeared not to be getting better and would not be home for the holidays, this was truly what the doctor ordered for my mother and me.
If we would have avoided all of these experiences and have our dad, husband, uncle, grandfather, brother still here we truly would. But since that was not in God’s plan and we had to go through it, we are thankful your great Vibra staff went through it with us.
Special thanks to Ms. R.H. for putting up with me.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,

The son of S. S.